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It all started with the thought: What would be on a list of the Wonders of the Beer World? Then it left me thinking about the places that I really wanted to drink but hadn’t yet been to. And the idea of The Beer Bucket List was born.


The book is collection of over 150 beer experiences and features the world’s greatest beers, bars, breweries and events: it’s the ultimate bucket list for every beer lover. The Beer Bucket List takes you around the globe, via traditional old British pubs, quirky Belgian bars, brilliant Bavarian brauhauses, via spots to enjoy delicious food and beer, via the hop gardens of New Zealand and Southeast Asia’s buzzing streets, via amazing beer festivals, unique beer styles, pioneering breweries and the best new craft brewers. It's any beer lover’s must-read book about the most essential beer experiences on the planet. Available to buy from BeerDredge.

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