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TV & Talks

I’m the beer expert on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, regularly talking about different beers on live TV. Past shows have looked at British lager, modern classic IPAs, single-hop beers, and much more, plus the clip below discussing The Beer Bucket List.


I’ve also produced videos for Budvar (see below), Pilsner Urquell, Camden Town Brewery and Young’s pubs, and I've hosted talks and tastings for numerous breweries, including Carlsberg and Kronenbourg.


Do you want a talk (and tasting) about beer at an event? I’ve given numerous talks to groups of varying sizes and varying content, including the history of lager, the current trends in craft beer, how to cook with beer, beer and food pairing, and the alcohol-free category.


Do you want a guide around some of the world’s best breweries? Do you want to explore the lagers of Bavaria or the ales of Britain? Do you need help planning a great beer-drinking itinerary? Let me know and we can work together on some bespoke travel.

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