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The best Beer

in the world

What’s the best beer you’ve ever tasted? What’s your favourite beer? What’s the best bar? These are questions that I was – am still am – always being asked. And I didn’t have an answer.


So I decided to go in search of The Best Beer in the World. I got really drunk at a Belgian monastery, I looked for the best IPAs and the original craft beer in California, I went to Oktoberfest… in Brazil, I drank the best-selling beer in the world, I looked into beer’s biggest truism and whether Guinness really is better in Dublin, I tell the story of the world’s first lager and of one of the world’s most-drunk lagers, and I tried to brew my perfect beer. As well as those longer stories the book contains guides so the best bars, breweries and cities around the world.


Can I answer the question What’s the best beer in the world? Sort of… And the book is a celebration of great beer and beer variety around the world.

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