beer training

Talking about beer is one of my favourite things to do and I love to teach people about great beer. I work with Camden Town Brewery and helped to write and develop their Beer School, for which we also wrote a book about beer. An extension of this includes staff training about beer, training on how to run brewery tours, and general beer education, plus leading beer tours to Bavaria.


I've produced a series of training for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. I’ve run tastings and education sessions for staff at Byron Hamburgers, Pint Shop and Barworks. These trainings have included general beer knowledge, beer and food pairing, how to brew beer, how to taste beer and understanding beer styles, and they are flexible based on whatever the venue or people need.


Could your company benefit from learning more about beer? Want to be able to talk more confidently about beer? Want to really know what makes a lager a lager or what the difference is between a stout and a porter, then let me know.


Do you want me to talk to you about beer and cheese pairing? Or beer and burgers? Or beer and chocolate? (Or beer with anything else). Do you want to learn about the history of lager with a tutored tasting? Then we can definitely work together.